Hello all,

I am the Respondent in my divorce case. In my response to the divorce petition, in which my wife was seeking grounds of unreconcileable differences, I have argued that the grounds of divorce should be adultery (which is still allowable in NH) and her boyfriend was subsequently named as a co-Respondent in the case.

Shortly thereafter the boyfriend defaulted by not responding to interogatory requests, etc.

Following the default, we served him a Request To Admit outlining the alleged acts of adultery he performed with my wife.

He did not respond to the Request To Admit and now we hope to enter that as evidence at the final hearing.

My question is, does anyone know if the co-Resppndent's original default in any way would prohibit the Court from accepting the Request To Admit as evidence?

Also, does anyone know how much weight a Court would even put on a Request To Admit in a divorce case?

Thanks and have a great day!