Does anyone know what circumstances a judge would give a spouse a legal separation even if the other wants a divorce? He is having an affair with a much younger woman but I feel there is still a chance for reconciliation once the affair ends. There are other reasons I feel the marriage is not irretrievably broken. The second reason is that I am in the military and assigned out of state (a 12-hour drive one way). In addition to our assets, we have 20-years of personal belongings we acquired together and there is just no way we can go through it all in a matter of days. There is also a lot of junk that he has collected and I don't want to be left having to pay for disposal. If a divorce is granted, he will take what he gets and leave me with all the mess - even if the court says he has to help. He knows I would have to take him to court and I just can't afford any more. Does anyone have any ideas to help me tip the scales to my side and get a separation vice divorce?