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#30456 - 09/08/05 09:55 PM Best way to move forward with this...
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I would like to file for divorce. However I am wondering about the best way to move forward with this. I have heard that if a mother wants placement of the children, never leave the marital residence without them. I want joint custody, with the children residing with me (at least during the school year). Our work schedules are such that H could (and should) see the kids everyday after work and I would then like to have them every school night overnight since I leave much later for work and can (and already do) get them up, ready and off to school. The thing is, my H is not at all the type to give in and just leave when I push the issue of divorce and if I were to try and stay in the house until a temp. sep. order is in place, I would not feel safe. I would prefer H keep the house (for the sake of some normalcy for the kids) and buy me out. I do have a place to stay for awhile while waiting for temp order but it is not in the school district for the kids. How does WI usually handle this and how quick do you get a hearing for the temp. order?

#30457 - 10/02/05 03:24 AM Re: Best way to move forward with this... [Re: luv2boys1girl]
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Why are you filing for divorce? Did he find someone else or did you? I believe that you would need a reason to get divorced. What is yours? I have read some of your posts and you are always giving advice, but now you, yourself, want to get divorced? should we take your advice with a grain of salt? How come you are not able to work it out?

#30458 - 10/06/05 02:57 AM Re: Best way to move forward with this... [Re: Carin1]
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How quickly a temporary hearing can be scheduled depends greatly on the county you are in and the number of cases already on the docket. In smaller counties, you can generally schedule a hearing with the Court commissioner within weeks of filing and servindg the divorce.

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