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#30723 - 09/09/05 11:14 PM Need Help With Modification Papers
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I'm in need of the right papers to file for modifiction of child support and custody. My ex got custody of our son in Oct. 1999 and he has ruined my sons life. He didn't want him he just didn't want to pay me child support any longer. Every since he's had custody, he has had my son in mental and correctional facilities. I am the one that has taken care of him since he has been incarcerated the last 19 months... clothes, visits and now driving 9 hour round trips to bring him home for home visits. My ex has done absolutely nothing since he has been locked up. Each facility that he has been at knows that I'm the one that is doing everything for him and I want him back home with me. He is ready to be released but they want me to have custody to make the transition easier to obtain. I tried today 9/8/05 to file the papers myself but was told I didn't get the right one or to take my chance with a judge to proceed or he'd throw it out due to not filing right modification papers for custody and child support I owe ( but he has not been in exes household most of the time he has had him). Please someone tell me what papers I need to file this myself, I can't afford a lawyer and the legal aid won't help to due to less manpower and I live in the county over from where my divorce was held.

#30724 - 07/17/06 05:19 AM Re: Need Help With Modification Papers [Re: Indianalady]
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I know it will cost you some money, but it is worth it to hire an attorney. Keep a log and receipts of everything you have provided him while incarcerated as well as the amount of support you've paid WHILE paying for everything else. You should also get with any counselors that are working with your son and perhaps obtain afidavits from them as to yours being the hoousehold of choice when he is released.


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