The original CO is in MN, but when my DH and I moved with our children to WI my DH filed the CO in our current county in WI. There have been no court proceedings since then. Now, DH (who has full legal/physical custody of his DD) is working on getting a revised/modified parenting time agreement put together between his XW and him because of many necessary changes due to travel distance as well as a few other modifications. IF they can come to an agreement and they both sign it.... how do we go about filing it with the court to make it official?

My main question is, in WI are the signatures required to be notarized? Would this have to be filed with the courts to be "official" and/or enforceable? Since we reside in WI with the child in question and have for 3 years, would WI be the presiding court or does this all need to go back to the original court in MN?

Hope this all makes sense. Any help or even steering me in the right direction of where to find the information I need, would be great! Thanks!