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#315604 - 11/20/07 05:55 PM looking ahead
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My wife and I are undoubtedly headed for a divorce in the future and I am trying to plan ahead for myself and kids. The best thing would be that I would get custody of my girls but I have to be realistic so my question is this--I work full time (2 jobs) my wife does not work at all, I know that in Wisconsin child support will be 25% of my salary before taxes. Any idea how much maintenance will be? I make about $70000. per year. If it is half of that, does she get half before the support is taken out ($35000) or half after the support is taken out. Thank you

#315605 - 11/26/07 07:57 PM Re: looking ahead [Re: gch]
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WI is very anti spousal support so unless she has been a SAHM for many years or is disabled it will be unlikely you will have to pay much if any and it's doubtful it would be more than 2 years. I have never heard of anyone getting half of their X's salary for SS in WI.

As for custody WI doesn't neccesarily do a straight 25 percent. CS is based off of the number of overnights you have each month. You do NOT have to settle for EOW. Why not try for 50/50 placement? WI is very pro 50/50 and in most cases if one parent asks for it the other has to prove why they should not have it. In that case your CS would go down significantly and it would lessen the chances of SS. (which is slim anyway)

I don't check this board often. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
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#315606 - 11/28/07 07:53 PM Re: looking ahead [Re: Debi]
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thank you very much

#315607 - 12/17/08 11:23 PM Re: looking ahead [Re: gch]
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Well...Im glad you want custody of your girls and all...but I think you should make sure they want to live with you first.


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