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#316790 - 11/24/07 06:08 PM STBX false DV statement hlp me win custdy of child
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In Oct 2006 my STBX had got into a verbal fight . It went on for an hour . Before she called the MPs. Not know this till it was to late . MP arrived and arrested me for DV saying that My STBX said I punched her in the face. I had not lefted a Hand to her at any time . But Still I got arrested and was brought to the MP station until my command came an got me. Luckly the time me and my STBX were I had a friend over and she witnessed very thing from the begining of the verbal fight. After my command released me to go Home the STBX was gone from our house on post. It was 3 days after I was arrested. I had went to the MP stations to talk with the MP investigator who was handleing our case . He told me the charges were droped due to not enough eivdents proveing I hit my STBX . He Said that there was no bruse or marks the day and day after (keep in mind STBX stated I punched her in face) and when he questioned her about the fight her story changed serveral times . STBX wrote a sworn state meant about the fight again stateing I punch her face. And my friend writen a statement saying I had be not hit her but was yelling at her to clean the house . So the MPs drop the charges. I deployed with my unit in Dec 2006 my STBX Filed for divorce when I read the petition and saw the sworn statement I was shocked . She again claimed DV but this time on the day we had our Verbal fight she claims this time I chocked her and went after our child and dog . Both these statements are False and I have proof to both affects ? Could this help me get full custody of my child ? and would me being military hurt the possible after I show the her reason for the Divorce is False and STBX is falsely accuseing me ? Divorce is on hold cause I am still currently deployed . So we are still at begin stage of the divorce
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#316791 - 08/11/09 02:26 AM hello there happy to be here *DELETED* [Re: armydad1]
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#316792 - 09/10/09 01:54 AM My firewall got prevent me from using the internet, please help anyone? [Re: monicasm]
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I am a freaking noob when it comes to anything computer related. I downloaded a kaspersky...thing, that was from the university I went to. And after that and a checking for trojans, I could no longer use fire fox or [censored] messenger. I got rid of them and downloaded them again, turned off-turned on my computer countless times, but nothing is working. I keep getting a message that something needs to be done with my fire wall and [censored], HTTPS, and FTP ports.

Recommendations anyone?

Number 1 [url=[censored]://]wow paladin guide[/url]


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