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#319761 - 12/01/07 08:16 PM Where is the justice?
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OK here goes…here is brief synapses of what has transpired so far. My wife began having an affair in early March of 2007 and left our son, then 4 now 5, within 2 weeks of meeting and sleeping with this guy. I filed for Divorce as well as child support on April 11th 2007. My wife did not contact or see her own son until September after many attempts to contact her to at least spend time with her son and help out financially. I am happy for my son as I believe he always needs both parent in his life. My issue is that when I finally got a court date on August 7th 2007 she brought no paperwork as court ordered and claimed she only made $700 per month so the judge ordered wage garnishments since she hasn’t paid a dime for that or the 15K she racked up on my credit cards in one month before I cut her off and realized what she was doing. I appealed the ruling and that too was thrown out, She actually makes 3,500 per month and because I have my son all the time I could not work the job I had and now make 50% less than I made before and pay $585 a month in daycare to be able to work. She has to date not paid 1 cent and runs around at bars all the time, even taking our 5yr old to the same bar when she has him. I have taken the high road and done EVERYTHING by the books yet nothing has happened and I can not even afford to have Christmas for my son this year. I am seriously worried if we will have a roof over our heads come January. I do not want to offend any woman who reads this as I am far from biased but I feel as if the courts have been and continue to be completely biased towards me and I am at an utter loss as this has cost me dearly emotionally and financially and I am at whit’s end. What should I do? I have spent 5K that I didn’t have on lawyers only to have this same judge throw this out saying it was irrelevant. I have subpoenaed her bank statements to prove she makes more money and to get some help with our son she left only to have it thrown out by this same judge. Every other weekend when she now picks him up and I ask her from time to time, not every visit, if she has any of the court ordered support which is only $145 per month based on her falsified income, she tells me to F off, take me to court nothing happens to me anyway. I am struggling as a single parent to make ends meet and I thought the court system was there to protect you and if not me at least a defenseless bright, very well behaved little boy who is completely innocent in all of this. I can’t get him a thing for Christmas other than my love and I am sure she will get him things once again making me look bad. For what? She cheated, lied and continues to lie and put my son in harms way, abandoned and I have over four thousand pieces of evidence and numerous witnesses none of which has been allowed. She is now dating a felon with 23 criminal convictions including physical assault charges and this guy is around my son. I have notified the court and was recently told that I should have a trial date in late February. What if something happens to my son before then as I have a court order to let her see him which I always wanted have fully abided by and actually requested for his mental well being as instructed or recommended by the court ordered parenting classes. Should I write the governor’s office? Who can I go to above this Judge/Master as I have even gone so far as to try and have her recessed only to have that too thrown out. I am desperate and never post anything, I don’t know where else to turn. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I need financial assistance (already tried sail, I make too much by $800 a year)

#319762 - 01/02/08 12:40 PM Re: Where is the justice? [Re: mdrew101]
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I'm a month late to respond...this is a very slow board, not a lot of readers - Your best bet would be the life after divorce board or child custody board.

MD does tend to give women a break (I'm a woman btw). I think you need to go to Social Services at your county courthouse to see Child Support Enforcement (CSE). It used to cost $25 to file for wage garnishment. They will make sure she brings all of her documents and will do all of the calculations. They will tell her what she owes. If she wishes to dispute it, she can, and then you will go back before the judge, likely the same day she disputes it. A CSE rep will go to court and speak about the calculations and will be there to point out any false statements or stupid crap she might try to pull. If all else fails, go to, write an email to the Gov. I have no idea about Gov O'Malley but Gov Erlich was concerned about Gov offices. I had a problem with CSE (being stupid and rude and not answering my questions), sent an email and within a day or so, head of CSE out of Baltimore was calling me to provide an answer to my simple question. also has a link to CSE. If all of that fails, you'll need to hire an attorney...especially about taking your son to a bar. That is neglect.
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#319763 - 06/26/08 09:32 PM Re: Where is the justice? [Re: BB1]
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MD courts don't give women a break, they give them EVERYTHING. (I am also a female, btw.) My dh went
to court and within only 1.5 hrs, brought back a
decision to give custody of his children to their
mother. Mind you, this is a woman who lets her four
year old out into a public parking lot without supervision
for minutes at a time and lets her four yr old hang outside the second story window, only to fall out of it the next minute. (sorry for the rant.)

Your story OP, is one of many, where things have gotten totally out of hand by impartial, seemingly biased officials hell-bent on siding on the mother's side, no matter what the circumstances.

I wish you luck in your plight. You'll def need it.


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