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#32452 - 09/21/05 09:54 PM RI advice
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hello readers.. First of all thanks for taking the time to read this... I am 35 years old have been in the same relationship for 2 years... he is a Cheif in the United States Navy... I got pregnant ( twins ) and he was standing by my side seemed to be so happy and excited.. I did however notice he didnt go to appts ect but always had a work excuse... The weekend I was being educed.. weekend of Sept 6th... He knew all about it ( we didnt live together) We spoke he said he was excited, he loved me... and could'nt wait.. that same week ( weekend of birth) he vanished... took off and went to visit his other two children from his previous marriage in virginia.. ( i only know because someone slipped and told me.. they thought I knew) He never told me when we spoke he was leaving.. he just took off and went... I went to his home on that friday for dinner as planned and he was gone.... ( sunday I gave birth) I called him over and over on his cell with no return phone calls..... no phone calls whatsoever.. I called while in labor and also after I had his two children... Upon his return when I asked him where he was he said " out of town" and left it at that.. He was mad at me because I was upset he wasnt there for childrens birth.. the entire time he was in the hospital... he never once came to see us... today is September 21st and he has yet to even see his children... I tried two weekends in a row... no calls nothing.. despite him saying yes.. I went to his home alone to find out what was going on and he ended us for no reason... One of his sons has some lung issues and he has barely even called.. and when he does he tells me to lose my attitude and if i dont he hangs up... I asked him this morning after he screamed at me for being angry if he even wanted to see his children.. his answer " when I am available" Love has turned into pure hate.. children are not a convienence... he wasnt even there to sign birth certificate it has nothing...... I dont know what to do... he takes the time to visit and call his other two children daily ages 5 and 7.. yet ignores my calls... I dont want him in their life with his attitude and the stunts hhe has pulled.. Am I wrong to feel this way? I mean he wasnt even their for the birth and has called maybe twice... I just dont understand.. I feel like a horrible person because i looked into his computer.. and he has been in [censored] sites... talking and caming with [censored] females...yet he has no time for his family and new children... What should I do... Thank you for listening

#32453 - 03/24/06 02:53 PM Re: RI advice [Re: Jewelsy]
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First of all, this guy is bad news and has moved on. The problem is that he doesn't have the balls to tell you that in person.

You need an attorney to protect your children. You need to get DNA done and then court ordered child support.

Other than that, there isn't much you can do because you can't force him to visit your children or to love you. But, you can make him pay for "his" children.


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