Wife and I have been married for 4 years we lived togther for 10 before that. I have allways paid for all major expenses and she paid for her and her kids things I owned my house before I met her then bought our place now before we were married We have since built a new house on it and I also bought a farm that I dont have much equity in I filed last year then stopped it this summer only to catch her having a affair She has not paid for anything in the last year also we filled out a prenup which has since disapeered and also it wasnt filed with a lawyer and Yes I know I was dumb allready! Ok questions Will Our live in time count? Ive been told Nebr doesnt reconize common law? Will I have to pay allimony? I know what my attorny told me last year it would probably cost me then I suggested to her getting 1 lawyer and going off that amount plus ? but she wants to get everything she can so that wont work Anybody out there with some experiance in living togther for awhile then getting married and divorce Any help is appreciated