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#33073 - 09/26/05 08:41 PM Indiana sucks on helping with C Support
smplsxyp Offline
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I want to know where my tax dollars are going? I have been fighting for child support for almost 6 yrs now and nothing has happened.. I was told that I need to get a group of Indiana residents together and that we should decide on how we want to change the laws on child suppoprt in Indiana. I have two children that are due $40,000 in back childsupport and weekly this goes up.. I have an email address at againstdeadbeats and this is at yahoo if anyone is interested in helping my start a group. I have paid my $25.00 to the enforement bureau and still nothing has changed the amount still continues to go up.. To this day my ex has his drivers license and goes to all the local bars even when he doesn't have a job....Well, that is his excuse of why he doesn't pay. I have taken pictures of him at the bars, call the news stations, and even contact my state representatives and nothing has happened. When the state representative does contact the local agency they lie and say everything is in the works.. .I am so sick of being broke and struggling to make ends meat, no wonder people go crazy... I am on here to encourage more people to help no just my children but every child in every state.. I think this is a nationwide problem. People are too busy to worry about their children, but worry about going and partying on the weekends.....wasting money that could help excel a childs education....tough decision......go figure...

#33074 - 04/21/06 02:10 PM Re: Indiana sucks on helping with C Support [Re: smplsxyp]
boilerbrat2000 Offline
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I am very interested in helping you...I have been fighting the system for years myself ( a loooong story), and would like to talk you more!!! I am on yahoo also with the same name here......
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#33075 - 04/21/06 05:16 PM Re: Indiana sucks on helping with C Support [Re: boilerbrat2000]
Buckeye Offline
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I think we have enough laws on the books - we just need everyone to enforce what is already on the books instead of just slapping their hands.

#33076 - 04/23/06 08:15 AM Re: Indiana sucks on helping with C Support [Re: Buckeye]
JulieLynn Offline

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I have a cousin in IN that is owed over 80,000 and he's never gonna pay up ... it's been 17 years she's been fighting for it. (now her child is 21) I tell my dh his ex does not know how lucky she is to be able to count on that support check every month and on time at that. I wish the best of luck hon!
Have a great day!!

#33077 - 04/23/06 03:53 PM Re: Indiana sucks on helping with C Support [Re: boilerbrat2000]
Nakia2 Offline

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Yes, I think it's very sad how the IN CS Division handles our CS orders. They make the Dads believe that they never have to pay, and nothing will be done if they don't. I, myself am tying to find ways to get this system functioning as it should. I was thinking maybe we should do some type of petition. I believe if we outlined the problems we are having with the CS Division enforcing the laws, then maybe we would get some results. Any ideas or takes on this matter??

#33078 - 04/23/06 11:46 PM Well it's better than [Re: Nakia2]
okgirl25 Offline

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OK CSE, they go out of their way to screw up CS accounts.

NCP basically are at the mercy of whatever they wanna do or say.

BF was 2 months in arrears, almost $800 right.
Gets a letter saying his License will be revoked for being...get this....$12,000 in arrears!!!!!!!!!

He about P'd himself when he read that!

Asked OKCSE where they got that amount, they said "Well we're not sure exactly, but it's up to you to prove it wrong in front of the CSE court"

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#33079 - 05/02/06 01:25 PM Re: Well it's better than [Re: okgirl25]
Nakia2 Offline

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If you live in Marion County you can make a complaint, suggestion, etc. at and click on comments. They will ask for your information as well as your ISETS case#.
If this is not the county you live in go to and you should be able to find your county information, wheter or not they have a website, and who to contact.
Good luck everyone!!

#33080 - 06/28/06 03:50 AM Re: Indiana sucks on helping with C Support [Re: Nakia2]
girlu812 Offline
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I'm absolutely amazed to read these comments. If the absent parent elects to not pay child support, it means that the parent either 1) does not have the money, 2) does not care enough to provide care for his/her children, or 3) feels as though he is being grossly mistreated. The original poster said that the absent parent owed a whopping $40,000. Except a kid in college, who needs that much money? I have seen case after case where the court award child support payments that are grossly out of proportion to what the children need. Not only that, but I have on too many occasions seen the beneficiary of those payments use the money, not for the children, but for themselves. The child support system is not perfect, but I would even argue that it's completely broken and causes irreparable harm to the absent parent in many cases.

Should the absent parent be required to provide funding sufficient to pay for 20% or 50% of the housing for his/her absent children? If so, should he/she not also be entitled to ownership in 20% or 50% of said housing?

Should the absent parent not have the right to declare that a certain percentage of the money get directed to a college fund? It absolutely amazes me how many parents receiving child support do not consider putting a single penny away for college. Every month, I put money aside for my children's college. If I had to give that money to my ex, what money would be left for college? Likely none at all.

Should the absent parent be required to live in squabble? I know several cases where the absent parent did pay the required child support and, as a consequence, the absent parent quite literally did not have sufficient funds to provide for their own healthcare, was often evicted for not having money for rent, etc. I have examined the financial situation in those cases and can honestly report that the court did not leave the people with enough to survive. How those people can live and not commit suicide is beyond me.

So, while I do agree that the absent parent should take on some responsibility to help with children's expenses, I do not expect my ex to give me a penny. I take care of myself and my children and I prepare for their needs on my own. I do not use the words "deadbeat", either. If the person truly was dead, who would you blame for your situation? Rather than spend so much effort pursuing money that is, from what I can tell, significantly higher than the actual needs of the children, why not focus on your own life and the happiness of your children?

#33081 - 07/17/06 04:51 AM Re: Indiana sucks on helping with C Support [Re: girlu812]
das555 Offline

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Loc: Indiana
You made some very good points in this statement. I am in a very bizarre situation. For the last 13 years I have paid $95/wk in support to my ex-husband. He is a consistent job hopper and for most of their married years together has had a wife who does not work. He has put away $0 dollars for our two children to go to college and does not even dishout a dime for our childrens clothing or shoes. ( dear old mom does that for him!) So, do I feel in this case my support payments are being utilized as they should? NO! Here is where it gets bizarre. My second ex-husband who was mentally and verbally abusive to our children as well as me has recently lost his joint custody of our two sons to me. He was ordered to pay $159/wk in support. He makes good money this will not hurt him in anyway. Since the past 2 1/2 m. he was supposed to pay, he has paid $1. With all this I am also watching the boys for him on his time while he works to make this wonderful money. I am a stay at home mom, because of this it has enabled me to do this favor for him. He refuses to pay me sitting money in liu of support. I would LOVE to be able to put money aside for their college account. That is exactly where 1/2 of that support was going to go each week. I already set up an account for just that. The point is if that woman was owed all that money in support, she has not seen one red cent. Tell me,why should she have to support those children on her own?The amount she was to receive is irrelevant. This should have been disputed in court by her ex-husband instead of him just doing nothing at all to support his children. I might also add that I do still pay my $95 wk. even though my income has lowered significantly it is my responsibility to my children to pay it.

#33082 - 07/17/06 04:58 AM Re: Indiana sucks on helping with C Support [Re: smplsxyp]
das555 Offline

Registered: 07/17/06
Posts: 29
Loc: Indiana
Have you tried contacting an attorney to take him to court on contempt charges? I would seriously consider it. I am in the process of just that. Keep a journal of EVERYTHING. All his partying, frivolous things he has bought. Times he has not abided visitation sched. etc.... If he ends up having to pay your attorney fees at least then it will be money he'll have to pay in less than 90 days!! He'll get tired of the game and do what he should or risk jail time!


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