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#335 - 06/21/04 08:16 PM out of state visitation
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Hi All, New to forum so bear with me please. I've got primary residence with a joint custody situation. He is moving out of state...1500 miles away. I have no problem with child visiting but Dad wants child to start school there and give it a try for a couple of weeks. Child wants to return here to continue same school as always without telling Dad it's his decision. He will be in 8th grade. Do I have the right as primary resident parent to say no to the couple weeks in school? Thanks for input!! [color:green] [/color]
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#336 - 06/22/04 11:10 PM How do the dates work out? [Re: Stellar]
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Would your son miss the start of his regular school? If so, then I wouldn't agree to it. What are the specific terms of visitation? If you don't have any orders in place for the long distance, I would get myself into court and work out these details right now....specific weeks, dates, travel arrangements, etc. You want your son back home with some time to spare before school starts don't you? What's the point of trying school in a new location for a few weeks? Your orders already have your son with you as primary residence...That's where he goes to school. Your ex clearly wants a change of custody and he's trying this angle. Fact is, HE is certainly entitled to move, but he is not entitled to move your son away from he's not likely to be successful. You do need to go to court, though. You'll need to have your future visitation issues worked out.


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