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#336435 - 01/14/08 04:44 AM Cannot find wife, how to file divorce
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Here is a tough one. Got married in 1997, parted ways 8 months later. She promised to send me the divorce papers but never did. Have not spoken to her ever since. Got married in 2000 and have been married to her with a child now. How can I find out if my ex-wife has filed for divorce anywhere else? I know in CA there is nothing filed against me. How do I get divorced from her due to inability to find her? Any help is appreciated.

#336436 - 01/15/08 08:11 AM Re: Cannot find wife, how to file divorce [Re: Elmansa]
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you were married...but don't know if you are divorced from your first wife..when you married your second...I'm no lawyer, but I think what you did is called you know any of the first wife's family or friends??? you need to find some way of tracking her so you don't get in trouble, maybe try looking on line for her...type in her name and any info you have and maybe you'll get a hit... if not maybe you should talk to a lawyer and explain your situation...sooner rather than later...good luck to you

#336437 - 02/02/08 06:13 PM Re: Cannot find wife, how to file divorce [Re: CTmomma]
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Dude! You are Not married to your second 'wife'!!!!! How could you marry her knowing you weren't divorced from your first wife? You certainly need a lawyer to figure out how to fix this. What does your current 'wife' think about all of this?
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