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#337 - 06/22/04 10:43 PM WHY isn't there a CHILDS rights board?
tygrlili Offline
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Silly me... I forget, children really have NO RIGHTS, do they?

#338 - 06/23/04 12:09 AM Re: WHY isn't there a CHILDS rights board? [Re: tygrlili]
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That's exactly right! THere is Moms rights, Dad's rights and that's all. Of course we're all supposed to have the kids "best interests" at heart...but that in itself is a subjective term.
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#339 - 06/24/04 06:29 PM Re: WHY isn't there a CHILDS rights board? [Re: Spring]
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Children's rights do not matter to many. I believe that the lawmakers need to live the way they expect our children to. How long do you think they would last ? How many would really live in 2 different homes in the same week or live with an abusive parent, or how about the kids who are told daily the other parent is no good or has to eat mac&cheese daily because one of their parents refuses to pay CS. I am thinking things would change real quick!


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