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#337222 - 01/15/08 02:22 AM Wife wants me to leave - do I have to?
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Hi - first time post - first time to get divorced... apparently. We are in Oklahoma. The wife wants me out of house we are renting from her parents. I have no place to go yet and do not want to leave. She says I have "a few days" to find someplace to live and has taken our 5 year old son with her to her parent's to stay until I leave find someplace to live. When do I legally have to leave the house? Can she legally leave with my son? I know - I need a lawyer but would like something to base my actions on. I do not want the divorce. She wants one because "She doesn't love me anymore". I don't want a divorce because I still love her and do not think a broken home would be good for our son's emotional well-being. HELP!!!

#337223 - 03/18/08 02:48 AM Re: Wife wants me to leave - do I have to? [Re: 1stimer]
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Hi. I feel ya. I didn't want a divorce and my husband just left (after 15 years) with a note. In my case he wouldn't go for counseling. But there is that option. I am not an attorney but I have been a landlord and the person who owns the house can legally remove someone according to the terms of the lease. Did you sign a lease? I am sorry but don't know anything about the legalities of the child part. But I am betting if you don't have a signed lease she probably (or her parents) has a pretty good stand to make you leave.

#337224 - 03/18/08 02:58 AM Re: Wife wants me to leave - do I have to? [Re: 1stimer]
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NO, you do not have to leave. Period. And in most states, you have the right to insist that your child lives in "his" residence. File a petition to make her bring your kid back.
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