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#35322 - 10/10/05 04:27 AM Question about changing a no-fault divorce...
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A male friend is considering marrying in the relatively near future. At the time he and his ex divorced, he allowed for a no-fault divorce because it was the easiest route, and he had had it with the whole mess. He knew that she had been cheating on him while she was out of the country, (he figured it out when he visited her) but by the time she was back, he tried to make it work, but she wasn't having it. So, he basically thought, "whatever, forget you, just leave me alone."

Now, he is wanting to marry a girl who comes from a religious background that requires adultery for a divorcee to remarry. He has tried to get ahold of his ex, but she just ignores his messages, even though he has explained the issue to her (that it won't be used against her, that it's a religious issue, etc.).

So, now, he's wondering if he can file to have his no-fault divorce status changed to fault divorce for adultery... not to sue her FOR anything, but just for the status, since she won't cooperate with speaking to him. Is there any way of doing this???

#35323 - 10/11/05 03:32 AM Re: Question about changing a no-fault divorce... [Re: IndyMediaChick]
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I don't believe so. By the way, what the heck religion is the new gf?!?!


#35324 - 06/28/06 04:01 AM Re: Question about changing a no-fault divorce... [Re: Cinder2]
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Does his girlfriend not believe him? Marriage is based on mutual respect and trust and if he does not have hers, they should not get married.

#35325 - 12/09/06 02:52 PM Re: Question about changing a no-fault divorce... [Re: girlu812]
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Regarding the religion; the Bible states the only reason a divorce should be granted is if one spouse committed adultery. The spouse that was cheated on is the one that has to request the divorce or forgive the other spouse. If this does not take place, some churches don't recognize the divorce because it was not Biblical. So, I guess the religions that follow the Bible. Just like Catholicism doesn't believe in birth control.


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