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#353393 - 02/18/08 10:53 PM I guess I am Superstepdad! And a saint.
DadscomputersJim Offline
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As I stepdad Do I have any rights? I have been stepdad to three children 6, 7, and 10 was there at birth for all of them. They were all products of affairs. Now she wont let me see the children I will post full story later tonight. They all know me as daddy.

#353394 - 02/19/08 02:52 AM Re: I guess I am Superstepdad! And a saint. [Re: DadscomputersJim]
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I assume your name is not on the birth certificates? Were you married at the time of their births? How long married? How long separated? Were you married in AZ? What papers, if any, have been filed and in what state? Are the birth fathers involved? Do they pay child support? Answer these questions when you post.
Focus on what is legally relevant, not morally indignant or petty.

#353395 - 02/19/08 09:59 PM Re: I guess I am Superstepdad! And a saint. [Re: Pops_IL_CP_Dad]
DadscomputersJim Offline
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Yes my name is/was on all three BC at birth. 2 Dads are ID one paying CS other order but can't afford it.

Married divorce in AZ D final in 6-07. Third Oldest has a CS order for me but I have not been able to pay it. Have been trying to save house, she D me with house in foreclosure. She has tried bankrupcy 13 more that once but has failed. We were in agreement in to end CS but she has never follow thru.

Then I starting to date again. I am good looking man 49YO and ending up dating a 25YO. Thats when her Moral Compas kick in. LOL Then the stuff hit the fan.

Today she says she filling papers to force sale of house, raise my CS to $560 mn my Base pay is only 28000 yr been in job for less than 6-mounths.

She is a great Paralegal. When she threaten me with CS I said I would ask for a blood test to prove that he is not mine. (I love all three of the children. But don't want to be bullied by her in court).

They know no other Dad. I guess I will have wait till each one is eighteen. If thats what she wants but it will be a rocky road for all of them.


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