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#355593 - 02/22/08 03:52 PM Student Loans And The law
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Wife wants a divorce after 9 mos. on the job. She graduated last May and is now liscenced RN. All student loans are in her name and total about 40k. I am very glad for her and we both made a great team in handling the kids during her time in school as I continued to work. She had quit her job to enroll in school which was a unilateral decision on her part. I spent many days leaving my job early to taxi the kids to and from school, to medical appointments, cooking and cleaning...etc. She has divorced friends assuring her that the student loans she recieved will be half my responsibility after divorce if she proves the loans were used for living expenses while schollys and grants covered her tuition. I'm not so afraid of this but would really like to know what the law states. We both want to go uncontested and I want her to have what she needs as she will have our 11 yr. old. I will have the 18yr old. Anyone? :confused:

#355594 - 03/02/08 03:46 AM Re: Student Loans And The law [Re: HalfFull]
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i dont know about student loans but my ex-husband a few months back he went to court to get divorced & his wife was trying to stick him with $35,000 worth of credit cards they both ran up. Well the judge told her let this be a lesson learned the credit cards are in her name only & she's the one responsable to pay the judge felt bad for her so he made him pay her lawyer fees that was onle $2500.
You never know how things will go in court, all depends on ur lawyer & how good they present the evidence and which Judge it is & hopefully he's not in a bad mood. It always seems like 50/50 to me, you never know which way court will go

#355595 - 03/02/08 05:51 AM Re: Student Loans And The law [Re: okyet]
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In my case, my student loans remained mine and X's remained hers. I owed 50K and she owed 10K. Some was premarital and some wasn't.
Focus on what is legally relevant, not morally indignant or petty.

#355596 - 04/27/08 01:54 AM Re: Student Loans And The law [Re: Pops_IL_CP_Dad]
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hehehe sounds like you could get alimony if you were supporting her while she went thru school and such.....
I know, I am opening a whole new can of beans lol
Della in Georgia


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