Hi, Iím Alix. Right now Iím working on a documentary about going through a divorce. Itís the craziest hardest experience that people have to go through in life. Iím so lucky that my parents didnít get divorced. I hope that I never do either. So the documentary we want to make will tell the stories of young couples who are dissolving their unions as well as teens and young adults whose parents are separating. Our goal is to allow viewers to witness the effects of divorce firsthand through the eyes of our participants, providing honest accounts of the emotional and financial strains, issues of custody and visitation, the impact on other family members, and efforts to begin new lives.

I realize that Divorce is an incredibly personal thing to go through and I have such respect for the people we are working with. If anyone wants to hear more about what we are working on and how it is going, please email me at Divorce@mtvn.com . Iíd love to get opinions and help and maybe some of you could even participateÖ

Thanks, Alix