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#35697 - 10/11/05 07:33 PM Uncontested Divorce in Georgia
bonjour Offline
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My husband and I agree on everything in our divorce and there are no minor children involved, yet I talked to 3 attorneys who want outrageous fees just to file our agreement. Has anyone here did their own divorce filing? Did you get the forms from online? How did it turn out for you?

#35698 - 10/31/05 08:18 PM Re: Uncontested Divorce in Georgia [Re: bonjour]
ArmyChick Offline
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Loc: Georgia
I have the same question as bonjour...if anyone can answer we'd really appreciate it.
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#35699 - 04/19/06 01:24 PM Re: Uncontested Divorce in Georgia [Re: ArmyChick]
NancyD Offline

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Loc: New York
It's been some time since I was divorced (1996), but my ex's paramour just went to the courthouse, filled out some papers, and paid a fee. She got her divorce a few months before ours, without a lawyer. I think it was her third, so she was an old hand at it.

#35700 - 06/14/06 11:55 PM Re: Uncontested Divorce in Georgia [Re: NancyD]
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All you have to do is to go to STAPLES OR OFFICE MAX and buy a divorce kit some are state specific.Fill in the blanks.Get them notorized take to court to file it is $85.00
to 110.00 in Georgia wait 30 days and its final.

#35701 - 05/21/07 06:35 PM Re: Uncontested Divorce in Georgia [Re: HIPZEPPPI]
east Offline
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i got same question too.what happens if my wife has filed for divorce and i dont appear in court?

#35702 - 05/23/07 08:39 PM Re: Uncontested Divorce in Georgia [Re: east]
JustMeAndThree Offline
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Go to your local clerks office and tell them you want to research past uncontested divorce cases...get copies of the papers, go home, read them over, decide what you and your spouse can agree on...fill out the domestic relations case filing form and check "uncontested divorce" and go file it. It's much cheaper and easier to do a little leg work yourself. I'm filing a CONTESTED divorce here in Georgia and I did the same thing and filed my papers but mines gonna be more drawn out becuase I know he isn't going to agree to my terms, especially the child support calculation worksheet.
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#35703 - 04/26/08 08:24 PM Re: Uncontested Divorce in Georgia [Re: JustMeAndThree]
Yikez Offline

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Loc: Atlanta, Georgia
Go to your county's website, you can file for yourself.
It is very easy and way cheaper than a lawyer.
Good luck
Della in Georgia

#35704 - 07/13/08 06:00 PM Re: Uncontested Divorce in Georgia [Re: Yikez]
NyGaFl Offline
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Loc: georgia worked for me for an uncontested divorce. STBX does not have to show up in court. Make sure STBX was properly served and enough time to contest the courts.


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