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#357598 - 02/27/08 02:45 PM Giving up rights
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My husband and his ex has been divorced nearly 13 years ago. When his son was 6 months, she took the baby and moved to another state to live with her parents. He never saw them again. The mother and child now lives in Alabama, we live out of state. He has been paying child support. Just over a year ago, she contacted him about giving up his rights. Since she has barred him from seeing his son all these years, he agreed. Since then...we haven't heard anything else from her. He contacted her and she blew him off saying she had a family illness to deal with. My husband wants to close this chapter in his life. It may not be the moral thing to do for some, but this is what he wants, the ex says she wants, and we've been told the child does not consider him as the father. How do we go about giving up his rights? Is this a long process? Since we live out of the state, we're not sure where to start...

#357599 - 03/12/08 11:01 PM Re: Giving up rights [Re: wylderaven]
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As far as I know, the only way to sign away rights is if her new husband is going to take custody.

#357600 - 10/14/08 07:19 PM Re: Giving up rights [Re: Kat22]
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I think a parent can give up rights regardless if there is a new husband willing to get custody. You can probably just get an attorney and have him draw up the papers.
I dont see where she would have to do anything, just the man in this case. You can have your attorney send her the papers when it is done.


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