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#359292 - 03/02/08 03:35 AM Modification
okyet Offline

Registered: 01/31/08
Posts: 106
Has anyone in Georgia gone to court for modification due to NCP moving over 100 miles away? The NCP is suppose to pick up his child for his e/o weekend standard overnight vists but hasn't since 12-2006. In 2007 he has off/on had supervised vists in my home all this was by his choice, in 2007 he never picked child up on Friday & left with her & come back on Sunday. In 2006 he was married but in 2007 he got divorced so i guess he didnt leave with the child in 2007 because he's not had much experience taking care of a young child on his own, but all his visits in 2006 were ok missed a few but nothing like 2007, he's not had a weeks visit with child because for 2 years he never exercised his summer visits. Ok so now here it is 2008 NCP is back with his ex & NCP has moved 270 miles away he moved in Sept. didnt tell me until 2 months later his address, and hasn't had any kind of visit since Aug 2007. So i'm trying to mediate some kind of visitation schedule, but he wants to get her for visits one week every month. First off i said i think we need to start off with some shorter visits before she just up & goes off for a week(she has never spent a week with him and is only 2 yr. old). I said how about every 4 weeks for the weekend & by summer she can stay for the weekly visit. NCP said he lives to far to come just for a weekend visit. But child is enrolled in Christian daycare school and in the future will be in regular school so i dont see what he wants working out. So i filed a modification thru the court, NCP hasn't been going by his court ordered visits of every other weekend & missed every summer & missed some holidays to & then moved & wouldn't give me address or phone number. So i'm confused the NCP says he's moved & doesn't have to visit e/o weekend cuz he lives to far, is this true? Or before he moved should "he" be the one to of filled for a modification instead of me? I dont think he can just up & stop his visits right? :confused:

#359293 - 04/27/08 01:53 AM Re: Modification [Re: okyet]
Yikez Offline

Registered: 03/30/08
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Loc: Atlanta, Georgia
I would tell him NO, Your visits are such and such as ordered by the original judgement.
If he wants them changed HE should ask for it using the proper channels.
I wouldn't think the judge would be pleased with him.
Just say NO, you have every right, as long as you make the child available when he is supposed to have her per the order, you are good.
Della in Georgia

#359294 - 06/19/08 11:56 PM Re: Modification [Re: Yikez]
okyet Offline

Registered: 01/31/08
Posts: 106
thanks for ur reply
nothing was done about NCP missing soooo many visits
his visits was even increased because he lives so far & shes so young, plus judge said no matter what child is always to go to visits(even if NCP has no license, even if he's not seen her in so many years, even if i didnt have his address or phone #, etc...)
like you said if ncp doesn't go by order then next time i WILL make him go thru the proper channels
thank you


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