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#365690 - 03/15/08 09:14 PM Please Help!!!!!
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My fiance and I have been in battle with his ex-wife for the past 4 years trying to keep full custody of his two kids, 10 and 6. She has visitation of everyother weekend but has an open case against us for reevaluation of custody, the court date is in may. I can't possibly go into the full details but to sum it up she has a history of drug and alcohol abuse along with bipolar disorder. In other words she is one crazy lady. A few weeks ago she had the kids and got into a severe car accident where the driver of the other car and his unborn child was killed and she was seriously injured. We found out from officers that she refused a drug test. The kids, praise God, had only minor injuries. We were told by her mother that she was going into a rehab facility in the next week ago(she had multiple surgeries after the accident). We know she is on heavy pain medication for her injuries. We got a phone call last night from her stating that she was at home and wanted us to bring her her kids. We found out that she checked herself out of the hospital and had medical transport take her home. She has called at least 3 times this weekend demanding us to bring her her children. Last week we filed a rule nisi. We unfortinuatley can not afford our attourney anymore because of the years of litigation has nearly bankrupt us. The judge scheduled a hearing for April 2nd. The immediate problem that we have is we do not know what we should do till then. She can not possibly take care of these kids, we know she is not able to get in and out of a wheelchair on her own. We are just not sure what we are required to do here. When we filed the rule nisi, do we not have full leagal right to keep the kids from her until the hearing? We have heard from even her own mother that the kids should not be around her right now so we are terrified for them. She called the police on us when we did not bring the kids to the hospital and drop them off for her weekend. We are at lost for what rights we have. Any advise would help.
Thanks :confused:

#365691 - 03/15/08 09:21 PM Re: Please Help!!!!! [Re: taraln6]
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Until you receive a judgment nisi, any other orders you have are still in effect.

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#365692 - 03/18/08 02:43 AM Re: Please Help!!!!! [Re: GrammaLatte]
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oh ok so my ex who has moved & not visiting (mr. wonderful)
should be visiting e/o weekend until we go to court so he's not visited e/o weekend since 12-2006 what a great Dad, but didnt even move until Sept 2007. Gotta love it

#365693 - 03/18/08 02:54 AM Re: Please Help!!!!! [Re: okyet]
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Oh my good lord, nothing in the OP's post is similar to the junk you posted about yourself.

And get in into your head, would ya, please??? Visitation is not court ordered. Visitation rights are granted. If he doesn't choose to execute his right to visitation, he is not in violation of anything.
Focus on what is legally relevant, not morally indignant or petty.


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