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#366675 - 03/18/08 02:44 AM Dropping Insurance
aloneforever1993 Offline
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My husband and I have filed for divorce. I have some medical problems that mean insurance is a must. a big must. The papers we signed stated that neither of us could drop the other from any medical insurance. Yet he has dropped me. My lawyer seems to be too "busy" to do anything about it. I don't know what my chance for resolution is. I have tried asking if he would please at least make sure I was on it until the divorce is final (we are also in the middle of bankruptcy, as if it couldn't be worse) which may be about four months. Along with some very foul mouthed words he said no. I don't know how much to bug the lawyer whom I have already dropped $1000 on before it makes them too mad to help. do you have any advice?

#366676 - 10/14/09 05:31 PM Re: Dropping Insurance [Re: aloneforever1993]
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I'm going through a Divorce myself right. My wife wanted me to keep her and her son on mine (BCBS). I checked and the insurance will be dropped 30 days after the judge signs the papers.
I have to go to work. Too many people on welfare depend on me.

#366677 - 06/09/10 08:45 PM Re: Dropping Insurance [Re: pokey]
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Yes, if your attorny filed a temperary order ( which we usally do when we file the 1st set of papers) then that order should have stated that you can NOTTTTT change medical, life, auto, bank....any information. You cant close any accounts and so on. It is pretty much like putting a freeze on everything

#366678 - 09/20/10 05:23 PM Re: Dropping Insurance [Re: Scarletts]
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He shouldn't have been able to drop you and you can probably contact the insurance company and show them the documents and see if they will reinstate you. I would definitly go to the lawyers office if he wont call you back.. otherwise seek new legal counsel immediatley if you are not satisfied with your attorney.


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