Be a Part of the Solution -

I have personally stayed with my Son in the same home - as the mother and her current fiance - without incident for Xmas and New Yr's 2003, 2004, and with my son thanked the CT Police for doing welfare checks on my Son when my Son's mother would get angry at me over money - and take it out on my Son by her refusal to allow him or me to communicate with one another - under a STATE / Federal Custody ACT - court order. Then, even tried, and lied - to Police Officers and then asked my son to lie - to the same Police Officer - about knowing who his father was.

Is this the kind of "Jerry Springer" society we as a people with common sense - wish to allow the current system to profit from - intentionally and injuriously, or could not meaningful laws be in-acted that comply with the equal rights of both parents and ensure the constitutionality of these equal rights issues.

Please let good parents show that - Equal Rights are not just for one group of persons - they are for all of us - in America. I choose not to fight my Son's mother in court because - this is how I was raised - and understand that it is not in his best interest to do so - and hope/pray that in time his mother and the court system in CT will realize that she has been in violation of the laws in 3 states - and has been abusing a child by her actions - not mine.

My son may very well become an independent voter now at only age 7 - especially if the Dem's v Rep's keep intruding on my child's life intentionally and in our American Freedoms to legally and equally raise a family without a lawyer needed - in our 21st century - over money - which is what this is all about and is not in the child's best interest's.