My wife and I had been married for two and a half years when I found out that she had been cheating on me for quite some time. When I confronted her with the news, my wife hit me upside the head and left, taking the car with her. Eventually, she called me to say that the only way that we would get back together would be if I went to Seattle. Once in Seattle, my wife would often call and demand my checkbook from me. One day, when I finally refused to give her my checkbook, my wife threatened to have me deported (I am not a US citizen). When I called my in-laws to find out what was going on, my in-laws told me they had already started divorce proceedings against me.

Sure enough, the divorce papers showed up via a police officer a few months later. I was all set to contest the divorce/respond when my "wife" told me that she was going to withdraw divorce papers and that I did not need to respond. I, being the trusting little genius that I am, completely believed her and did not respond. Now, a divorce hearing has been set up for Apr 24, 2008 in Omaha.

My questions:

1. There is no way that I can make it down to Omaha on Apr 24, 2008. My in laws and my darling wife are all too aware of this. I am a foreign student whose finances all went up this woman's ass the three years that we were married. I called the courthouse to reschedule and the very nice lady with the judge told me "Just do whatever you want, I'm not a lawyer." Even though the response date has gone, is there any way that I can get the divorce rescheduled for even just a month later when I have the cash to come down there?

2. How can I counterfile for divorce? I know it's legally pointless, but I need to show that I divorced this psychopath and not the other way around. How much does it cost?

3. We still share a car in both our names. I want her to refinance the car in her name. Can I do this? What documents do I need?

4. How can I get my things back from her - the wedding ring, my guitar, my computer, a host of other electronics that I left with her because I assumed we were still married? Can I use credit card receipts?

5. I had bought a dog for US. Paid with my credit card. Licensed in my name. After I left for Seattle, leaving the dog with her at HER request, she and her family gave my dog away. Now they won't tell me where he is. Can I do anything about this? What documents would I need?

6. Even though most of the credit cards were in my name, most of the things I bought with them were bought not just for her, but as part of our marriage - the dog, her ring, her wedding dress, etc. Is there any way I can get any of this back? What documents will I need?

Please help me out. This woman has ruined my life and she's getting away with everything scott free. It's just not right. I want to be able to move on with my life too, but justice needs to be served before I can do that.

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