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#371773 - 03/28/08 07:33 PM Petition to intervene
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My daughter is going thru custody of her son with her husband who is not the biological father they are still married but have not cohabitated in 2 yrs I am the biological grandmother and plan on making a motion to intervene and request tempoary guardianship to bedetermined with the court as to length of and until my daughter can get herself together Any advice?

#371774 - 11/26/10 09:36 PM Insights on how to get cheap car insurance coverage in California? [Re: rpclark]
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This particular place saved me $487 for the year! These are an internet service and they are generally kind, caring, and take wonderful care of the clientele. Most importantly for me, they respond to e-mail and answer phone calls with humans.

#371775 - 12/04/10 08:57 PM Refunds Following Replacing Automobile Insurance Carriers [Re: emotteder]
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My concerns are: How much money can a company legally charge you to let a plan holder out of his auto insurance?
Exactly how much does your company charge when a person needs to terminate and how much pressure can you use to maintain them?
What are some suggestions or something like that we can say if our consumer has many months still left on his active car policy? Certainly, we are not going to wait until his renewal comes due each time.


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