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#375259 - 04/06/08 07:05 PM Kansas Child Support Court Order and a second job?
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I'm currently paying my required Kansas child support along with the arrears each month as directed by the courts.
I work in retail as a vendor and often have to puzzle about three gigs together just to make a pay-check. It appears that every time I start a new job even if it's part-time or full-time or seasonal the Kansas child support enforcement agency sends out a new court order garnishment withholding for child support. I already pay the required amount from my primary job but now their trying to take even more money from any other jobs I start. Once the new employer gets the with holding order they alert me of the matter and then I have call the case worker in Kansas just so they can then mail out a termination of child support withholding. Why are they doing this to me when I already pay the required court order amount?

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#375260 - 10/13/09 04:48 AM Re: Kansas Child Support Court Order and a second job? [Re: 3dfuzion]
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Becuase they feel like they are doing their jobs. Otherwise, how could they justify pocketing a percentage of your child support for their services. The whole divorce legal and child support system is a scam to screw dads that work hard to support their kids.


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