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#375938 - 04/08/08 01:53 AM Going to bench trial
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I've read posts where folks say they have discussed settlement and can't agree. In anticipation of trial, they are speaking with the judge to see what he/she thinks.

In my state the judge is also the jury - is there any point in going to trial after the judge has already exhibited a "bias" toward one party?

My question is: with a bench trial, doesn't one side need to see trial is only a waste of money and a confirmation of what the judge is suggesting up to that point? Or am i missing something?


#375939 - 04/09/08 07:51 PM Re: Going to bench trial [Re: 2Gr8Kdz84]
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I wasn't "thrilled" w/ the settlement that was "strongly" suggested by our judge but my attorney told me that it would be stupid to not agree to it.

If it is what the judge thinks is fair before the trial; it is most likely to be what the judge will rule as fair after the trial..

Why waste another $50k on a drawn-out trial when the writing is on the wall???

I agree w/ all the settlements that the judge suggested; my ex agreed to none of them..

We went to trial. The judge awarded me more than any of the suggested settlements..

I would say the "writing is on the wall"..
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