I was used for my money and New Hampshire has no fraud laws for divorce. I am trying to find states that have laws so that I can go to the state government and try to get a bill passed in New Hampshire to protect future victims.

He was cheating right from the start of dating through the entire marriage and back with the woman he cheated with. There were others as well. I have a statement from the main affair that says he made comments about my money and about him trying to be her partial husband.

I paid thousands and thousands out to his family out of the country to help what I thought was my family as well. I had a $215,000 condex and over $50,000 in the bank when I met him. I have nothing left but debt and he continues to lie to the courts over and over.

I have receipts and records, but New Hampshire does not have fraud as the basis for divorce.

Thanks for your help!