My dd has been divorced. Her husband was very abusive and as a result we have been dealing with the effects of her severe depression (two suicide attempts, etc.) and have not really paid much attention to the divorce papers until now. Reading over the papers we realize that her husband lied by putting the truck, that they still owed 6 years worth of payments on, under assets and had it assigned to our daughter, instead of putting it under debt accrued while married where it belonged, while he kept everything else, including her personal items that she brought with her when she married him.

There are several other problems with the papers. He states that he sent preliminary papers to her that were never sent. Papers we could have used to contest the divorce. He states that she deserted him Ė she didnít Ė he deserted her for 7 weeks and then told her over the phone that the only way heíd come to see her was if she tried to kill herself. She tried and fortunately the wife of the man he was staying with overheard the conversation and went to the apartment and took her to the hospital. The doctors told us that in light of her husbandís abuse to take her home with us for a several weeks until she became more stable; they even wrote a note to that effect so that her husband wouldnít be able to say that she deserted him. Before we left her husband told us that if she ever came back it would be even harder for her. She did try to go back but her husband refused to let her live in their apartment (heís 210 lbs to her 110 lbs) and given the abuse that had already occurred we didnít encourage her. He divorced her nine months after she came home with us. In fact she didnít even know she was divorced until a week after it happened and even then it took us over a month to get a copy of the divorce papers. Heís a marine and we finally had to call the base commander to get him to send the papers. The time limits to contest the divorce had passed by the time we received the papers. Is there anything we can do to get some of this changed? The truck is the biggest problem right now. We just donít have enough money to make the payments and the insurance required and nobody want to buy a large gas guzzling truck like the one he pick out and has left our dd with.

Oh yes, the divorce took place in Arizona and we live in Ohio.

Thank you for any help,