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#39151 - 10/30/05 07:20 AM cant get over him
lonelyone Offline
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It has been a year since we seperated and 3 months sice the divorce was finial, I cant get him out of my head how do you go on he is now living with the other women and her kids

#39152 - 11/09/06 05:35 PM Re: cant get over him [Re: lonelyone]
trying63 Offline
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I'm sorry and I know you dont want to hear that it will just take time. You need to find someone you will just listen and let you spill your guts. My wife is moving out this weekend and its killing me but I'm trying to be strong.Dont give up on you, thats the most important thing right now...take care of you!!!

#39153 - 09/19/07 02:09 AM Re: cant get over him [Re: lonelyone]
Iamme59 Offline
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Having been where you are, I truly know how you feel and I am so sorry for your pain. I think those who hurt so much just want it to end. We would like a timetable to follow just to be reassured that we are on a healing path. After four years, I have finally faced all my demons. The pain subsides with each honest look at yourself and the relationship. One day you realize it just isn't possible to miss the person who could hurt you so badly. In your case, as was mine, how can you continue to love a man who would leave you hurting and replace you without looking back. Look into yourself and be glad you are the better person. Good luck.

#39154 - 12/03/08 01:51 PM Re: cant get over him [Re: lonelyone]
TeresaBlnd Offline
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I know how you feel, my husband of 28 years left took all of our cash, and hasn't looked back, I am 50 years old (nearly), was a stay at home mom for 20 years, and am terrified out of my head. I keep thinking he'll come to his senses. Every room you walk into there is a memory you have to live with, while they just pretend like you don't exist, and move on so easily, to bad dreams, no fears. You feel like they have died, but not in a way that lets you mourn properly.


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