First time so please bear with me. CS ordered in 2001 through dissolution,withholding through employer never through local agency. 2004 modification as CP was receiving support for 2 minors that had emancipated. Support modified and we both signed and also that there were no arrears. 12/06 took CP to court for mod. of support as she had sent the employer fraudulent w/holding orders so she could receive support for another emancipated minor. Judge berated her and ordered her to pay back when I gave dollar amt. This leaves one minor for ongoing cs. The following wk. CP went to local CS agency and filed for arrears in the amt. of 85k-this was 01/07. To this day lcsa will not accept my paystubs, just took fed.irs offset of over 7k when kids are emancipated and according to law they can't do if I am current and 50% being withheld.Put a 5k monthly order to withhold when I don't even bring home that much. Could go on and on.Have a state hearing on the 10th but I need an attorney asap.Any ideas?