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#396211 - 05/31/08 09:16 PM Possible Divorce questions?/
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I am thinking about divorcing my wife.We have a 3 year old daughter that I will be trying to get all or the majority of custody.In the last year and a half we have tried a lot of different scenarios.
1.Wife wanted to quit job and go back to school full time, which I supported and took care of all bills/daycare which was financially hard since we were missing my wifes income.
2.Money was too tight after about a year so she decided to stay at home with our daughter while she did night classes.
there were many times that I believe she neglected my daughter by not bathing her regularly(sometimes 3 days without until I did it)Let her watch tv all day while she was on the internet soap opera chat rooms and mainly fed her snacks.
3.My wife said she isn't a house wife,so we decided that this couldn't continue and was unfair to our daughter so my wife went back to work and was responsible for paying for daycare while I payed all other bills.
4.Well my wife has been very untruthful with actions/finances which is making home life very difficult.Recently she told me she paid off the child care bill ,later I found out she only paid partial and the next bill she paid late because she spent $250 on soap opera website,$150 on jewelry with name of soap website and $350 on a plane ticket to Dallas for the weekend to a soap opera function which she never told me about until a week and a half before she left.. She has yet to tell me about the website/jewelry money I just found her bank statement!!

anyways we discussed divorce before and she says she will go to counseling but never has and continues to live and spend like she is single and has no responsibilities..When she gets home from work she goes upstairs and spends the rest of the night on the computer..I drop off and pick up our daughter from daycare ,feed her and put her to bed at night (not my wife)..she also goes off with friends when she likes cause she knows I will always watch our daughter...
Her family is less than involved..her mom lives in n.y and has never came to visit our daughter in 3.5 years...her dad threatened my wife/daughter with violence at one time resulting in the cops being called ..and my wife also was arrested in atlanta for domestic violence before we met...I just don't want our daughter to have to grow up dealing with this garbage.. We have been married almost 6 years and I can't take this any longer.I still want my daughter to be involved with her mom, but I don't want my daughter to be around this environment 24/7 I need some helpful advice...

#396212 - 07/20/10 03:50 AM Re: Possible Divorce questions?/ [Re: icuhatn99]
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Oh my! In my opinion your wife is an (obvious) addict. Your marriage may be retrievable IF she gets counseling help...and you support this by going with her. Addictive behavior is difficult to combat and you will need to learn coping skills for yourself and how to handle/help her into becoming the healthy person you once knew. I would say give her an ultimatum with a time limit and just go ahead and set up a counseling session and tell her when it is. This way you will know whether you can salvage what you once had. Good luck mate!


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