Me and my husbnad have been to court nuerous times to get more visitation and for her not letting us see the kids like court ordered. We see his daughter (3) one week out of a year and son (6) 5 weeks out of a year. We are going on NOv 21st for custody because her oyfriend has been charged with controlled substance, and concealed weapon. We have documents when Christopher stayed here on everything he did( which is the little boy (6). He wet the bed wehn we told him he had to go home. His mother in WV where he lives does not work. Has 3 kids and is on welfare and I know we can provide a better home. Christopher told me he watned to live here with us. His ex in WV refused to let us see his daughter and sends us proof of any income and failed to send us the childs report cards or progress reports. What shall we do now. This guy that lives here which is her boyfriend has past charges on him for a $500 hot check, battery to officer, and public intoxication. we called CPS and the only thing they seen was that the mother and boyfriend fight and kids get scared. What do we do now. and what are the possibilities of us getting them? are there any points we need to bring up.