This post is regarding my son and his ex wife. My son was married x6yrs to bipolar wife w/additional mental health issues. Ex has always been manipulative with people and neglectful of their two children, now 3&5. Ex wife walked out on son & children to move in w/neighbors because she was having an affair with their basement tennant. Yes, she walked out one night and said she would rather be with the neighbors, was having an affair with this guy and "see ya' later." Son filed for divorce and full physical custody of children via local para-legal do-it-yourself divorce. She was not concerned about custody of children or anything else -only wanted to know when divorce would be final bcause she wanted to get married to her new boyfriend asap. Son took her to the do-it-yourself folks to review paperwork and work out details...she had no problem with paperwork after taking about 5 minutes to read thru paperwork. Had the option to go to court or sign waver to have case heard in court...quick divorce. She gladly signed the waiver -acknowledged she understood what she was signing. Son asked for $200 cs w/cs being increased to 25% of income when she starts working and 1/2 of medical insurance costs for children...she agreed. She not working (current income is from early out of AF w/$625 mo disability payments). He agreed to let her slide on cs until she got a job...a few days later she went out of state x2 weeks to visit with twin sister and be in a wedding of someone she "met" on quiet in Reno during this time...she never called to check on the children or inquire about their wellbeing or ask to talk with them. Only called son at work to ask (sometimes demand) for money (nervy..) and to tell him she was having a good time partying with friends. Son refused to give her any money since she spends her current income on frivilous things within 2 days of getting paid. Anyway....child visitation was very specific: Children could not spend the night with BM until she straightens out her life, gets a job and own apartment. She could have children every other wkend f/Friday night 6pm till 8pm. Same on her Saturday & Sunday until she gets her own apartment and can provide a safe environment for the children. In addition, she also gets every other major holiday. Her current living arrangements: Lives with 3 other adults and 3 children in a one bedroom apartment, which has a converted basement bedroom that she and her new boyfriend are living in. He works part time, drinks beer & physically fights with the other mail in the household the rest of the time. The other male in the household has been laid off his job and they are currently 2 months behind in rent. Hence the reason she continuously calls my son at work and asks for money. This is her weekend for visitation and she called my son on Friday and said she wanted the children to spend the night --he said "no -we are following visitation rules as per the divorce decree." She told him she would not follow the cv rules and "he may or may not get them back at the end of the night." She continued to call him at work and bug him about this and he finally forwarded his phone to voice mail after telling her he would deliver the children to her at 6pm as stipulated in their paperwork. She contacted him via email and said "she changed her mind...didn't feel well and didn't want to see the children that night and the bring them on Saturday morning. He took them to her as agreed on Saturday and she told him again he may or may not get them back at the end of the day. He was resigned to let her keep them overnight, but I told him to contact the police for assistance if she refused to turn them back over to him. She called him at last minute to say "come get them -I don't fell well." She's a manipulator and a game player and is prescribed prozac & rispradril (spelling?), but refuses to take the medication. Sorry for all the details, but wanted you to have a clear picture of her lifestyle and games she plays. How can visitation be inforced? What are his options if she refuses to adhere to the visitation rules? It seems like she really does not care so much to visit with the children as she would rather stir the pot. Any ideas?