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#40495 - 11/04/05 01:50 PM Any WYMIN here?
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Friday, November 04, 2005

SUN Domestic Violence Scandal: It's Not Wade V. Kemp, It's Wymin v. Women
by George Rolph

So, domestic abuse campaigner and feminist “sista” Rebekah Wade, editor of the Sun newspaper, has revealed her hypocrisy by committing domestic abuse on her husband Ross Kemp. Wade has been a tireless domestic abuse campaigner in her paper. Justifying herself and her behaviour like all abusers do, Wade claims her violence was caused by a, “silly row that got out of hand.” Wade will try to downplay her violence and retreat into denial.

The police will let her get away with it, despite claiming to take all domestic abuse seriously regardless of gender. In fact, the police command structure is full of girlie men who must support the “sistas.”

The press will miss the point entirely because the ‘wymin’ in the office would crucify them if they did not.

What brave boys and girls the press and police are! Well, brave as long as they have a skirt to hide behind.

The girlie-boy journalists of the British press will flash their manicured claws and quickly blame the victim in this sham of equal justice... but it is also interesting to watch the double standards of the feminist left wing.

Wade, a feminist hypocrite and all round "hard man", punched her husband in the mouth. Like all victims of abusive partners, Kemp (the husband) will go into denial about his wife's violence and claim it does not matter and say he still loves her.

In the meantime, domestic abuse shelters like Refuge and Women’s Aid will go strangely silent. You see, domestic violence is a ‘wymins’ issue and they intend to keep it that way. Lots of wymin make lots of money and get lots of political power from the abuse industry and it’s very important that these wymin keep their victim status in order to do it. Acknowledging that even feminist wymin can be violent would undermine their carefully crafted ‘all women are victims of male power and control’ propaganda campaign.

But feminist wymin are not like normal women.

Normal women are strong, clear minded and able to look out for themselves. They work hard. Do not whine constantly, and they love their families.

Feminist wymin are a different breed.

The feminist “sistas” are perpetual victims. They live in a paranoid fantasy world where all men and non-feminist women are out to get them. These wymin exist in a moral vacuum where lying, deception, violence, fraud, and worse, all all thought to be virtues. Women take responsibility for their actions. Wymin blame everyone else for their problems.

A woman at work will take the teasing, flirting and jokes of the men around her, have a laugh about it and give back as good as she gets.

On the other hand, wymin will sulk, get their knickers in a twist and take everyone to court.

Women live within a clear set of moral values. Wymin think morals get in the way of noble goals.

Women earn respect from their peers. Wymin demand respect, get none and give none.

Women enjoy their families. Wymin hate "breeders" and call for childless world.

Women are individuals prepared to fight their own battles. Wymin hunt in packs of other wymin and girlie boys.

Women argue their case and accept both victory and defeat with equanimity. Wymin tolerate no desent.

Women tend to love men. Wymin tend to love, er, other wymin.

I recently received an e-mail that describes wymin very well. Here is an excerpt:

(1) Feminists have long complained that only women are treated as sex objects. Advertisers, for example, often promote their products by identifying them with the female body. If things were reversed, and only male bodies were used to promote products, which of the following would be true?

(a) Feminists would complain that the female body is not considered to be as attractive as the male body.
(b) Feminists would complain that sexism turns a man's body into a more valuable resource than a woman's body.
(c) Feminists would stop complaining.

(2) Since the beginning of the modern women's movement, feminists have complained about the male chauvinist practice of allowing ladies to go first. If things were reversed and women were expected to allow men to enter rooms first and be seated first, which of the following would be true?

(a) Feminists would complain that women's roles are symbolic of subservience.
(b) Feminists would complain that American women are treated as badly as Islamic women.
(c) Feminists would stop complaining.

You get the idea.

There are male “sistas” too.

These ‘girlie men’ are emasculated eunuchs who live in terror of real men and the “sistahood.” They are easy to recognize. They tend to walk behind their female friends and partners, and if things get rough around them, they hide behind her skirts. They also hunt in packs. Bullying non-feminised men is a favorite sport but only if they have lots of “strong wymin” or other male “sistas” around them. The male wymin are often found in newspaper offices, TV news rooms, and as ‘passives’ in BDSM parlors being whipped by their “sista’s.” They also haunt the halls of higher education, charities, government offices, health and safety institutions, social services and, increasingly, law chambers. Their mission? To make everyone else as miserable as they are.

To normal men and women, domestic violence occurs when one partner hits another partner.

To male and female ‘wymin,’ domestic violence only happens when the victim is female. The “sistas” see nothing wrong with this odd logic and defend it with even odder logic. The rest of us see loonies at work. Because of this collective insanity of the “sistas,” Wade will see nothing wrong with punching Kemp, and Kemp, being a good left wing male “sista” will see nothing wrong with Wade hitting him. The girlie boy sections of the press will do all they can to spin the incident away from the simple truth that all domestic abuse is wrong, no matter the gender of the perpetrator. Instead, they will dismiss Kemp and other victims of domestic violence as wimps deserving of their place in the social-sexual pecking order.

Watching these loony hypocrites is, at one and the same time, funny and disturbing. Truly, the patients are running the asylum. Now we can watch the press do all they can to kill the Wade/Kemp story as quickly as possible. It would only be newsworthy to the “sistas” and girlie boys if Kemp had been the perp.

I don’t actually mind that, because the real story here has been to expose the feminist press for what it has become: an asylum run by dribbling lefties whose highest political aspiration is Stalinism.

George Rolph

Yer Pal Blah!

You know the rest!

#40496 - 04/16/06 08:30 PM Re: Any WYMIN here? [Re: Blah]
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EXCELLENT !!! I am working to stop these sleazeballs;

#40497 - 04/16/06 08:46 PM Re: Any WYMIN here? [Re: loverboy]
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*sniff sniff*

Yup....smells like SPAM.

All it is is an "international" dating site.

#40498 - 04/17/06 12:21 AM Re: Any WYMIN here? [Re: Rebecca5]
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