My and wife have been separated for over a year now.On June 21 the Ro was drop,She did have temp custody due to RO.but the ro is drop as off today.She no longer choose to keep it up i assume.So she called me and my son spoke and he stated that he was going to Florida with their mother and he Bf..I ask to speak to her about this and provide to say that she has to ask me if it cools if i take the kids out of state.She said some cuss words and also Kiss My A%& and said that i do not approve of it and that she cannot take them out of state.Since i still have half custody of the kids again.She then hung up the phone.Now my question is this.Since the RO was drop today.
(1.)Does she have the right to take them out of state?

(2.)Two can she do it since we are still married and i still have custody of the kids due too we are not divorce and all.

(3.)Can i have charges press on her for Kidnapping the Kids.
Cause i do not know if she is bringing them back to Ga.
Also forgot to add that there is no custody agreement.We had one due to The Ro.But that ro is no longer valid.We are separated and that is it.She will not sign any paper AT ALL