How difficult is it going to be for my fiancee to try and get custody of the children after the divorce has been finalized. There are 2 children involved. A 4 year old boy and a 14 year old girl.

He has documentation showing that the mother is hostile. Her oldest child is scared of her and has recorded a recording saying that she wants to live with us.

The only reason the mother wanted the kids was for child support. Even though she is working, she calls every 6 days asking for monoey, saying the power will be cut off, gas, etc....just to make my fiancee feel bad and pay more. It breaks his heart to return them to her every other weekend. The mother takes no interest in the daughters life, school (she is failing) or anything. She is not allowed to have friends and she is forced to watch the 4 year old while mom works.

Does anyone have any advice they can share?