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#414934 - 07/15/08 06:40 AM Community Debt?
Tamico78 Offline
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I'm new on this forum & have a few questions.

To start with, I have been married for almost 7 years. We lived in the UK for 5 years (he's English) & here for the last 2. We wanted to buy a home here so we started trying to work on his credit...he got credit cards & has failed to make timely payments... he has gotten himself stuck with a $200.00 per month payment to Conns & has ignored everything that I have said regarding making payments on anything (claiming that all I do is "tell him what to do"). He's now decided that it's too "expensive" to live here so is going back to London...leaving the debt behind.

Does his debt then become mine even though I didn't want him to sign these contracts/payment agreements?

We have no community property aside from the any information would be greatly appreciated! I will be speaking to a lawyer but wanted to know if any of you had any experience with this.

Thank you!


#414935 - 07/16/08 05:57 PM Re: Community Debt? [Re: Tamico78]
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Depends on if your signature is anywhere on the Conn's account or not. If he applied for & got the credit SOLELY in his name -- it won't have anything to do w/you. BUT... if you co-signed as the spouse, they WILL come after you for the remaining debt. Regardless of what the courts say.

Even if the courts 'assign' him the Conn's debt in the divorce, once he doesn't pay -- Conn's will come after you. They *may* come after you anyway -- if they have your information. But once you point out that your sig. is NOT on the paperwork they will let it go.

If you co-signed for it -- you have to remember Conn's doesn't care WHAT the courts say -- they want their $$.
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#414936 - 05/07/12 05:25 PM Re: Community Debt? [Re: c_jane]
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Someone please help a simpleton. My wife and I married three years, no children. Every week of our marriage I put 75% of my paycheck direct deposited into her account so she handled bills.

I signed the uncontested divorce papers, for preowned assets all that was listed by her was the car she owned prior to the marriage, and some furniture. I listed nothing. I really have no property or savings minus a 401k...

We did buy some apppliances togther while married. She plans to pack up all the appliances and take them with her..

She is now saying she can enter my 401k on the final divorde decree, and all sorts of things, that she beleives I owe her, and I have no rights to contest any of it. She says I cant stand in court during this decree and she can enter whatever she thinks I owe her into the decree, and get monthly payments from me for debts she now says I owe her. We married in another state, and I was laid off my job for several months. When we moved to Texas she paid the moving expenses woth her credit cards. She claims I owe her a monthly payment after the divorce...


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