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#417721 - 07/22/08 02:59 PM CS and Medical Expenses...
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Is there some type of 'Statute of Limitations' regarding unreimbursed medical expenses that date back to 2000? Also, can both parents 'forgo' CS forever if they both agree? Or is this a can of worms that can be reopened even if a legal agreement is made and agree to. The child is now 14 years old if that makes a difference. It's a long and convoluted story, but I'm just curious if this is even possible in WI.

#417722 - 07/24/08 03:46 PM Re: CS and Medical Expenses... [Re: StepfordWife]
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Since no one was able to answer my questions and I have now sought counsel I thought I'd give an update. You cannot 'forgo' CS forever in Wisconsin. Also, Medical Expenses do have a time period in which they must be reimbursed according to 'Latches.' You cannot save up expenses over 8 years and expect to get reimbursed. Expenses over 1 year old may not be applicable at all. You can also do a College Fund in lieu of CS if you both agree and/or have no CS if you both agree. Nothing is ever set in stone, however unfortunately.

#417723 - 06/04/09 12:13 AM Re: CS and Medical Expenses... [Re: StepfordWife]
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Wisconsin appears to be the worst state to get a divorce in for both parents. It's really just makes things worse for the kids in the long run. Wish I had never moved here.


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