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#419685 - 07/25/08 08:29 PM Want to Divorce
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I'm married only for 1 year and my wife and me had issues from day 1 even before wedding too. Just after 6 months of our marriage, my wife moved out and initiated the divorce without even my knowledge. After 2 months, she came back and apologized and we reconciled as i wanted to save my marriage. Now after another 6 months we are back to the same stage and this time i dont want to continue relationship with her. She is very abusive and always abuse my family i.e. My Mother, My Brother and his wife. She wants me to leave my family and consider her parents as mine. I treat her parents as mine but at the same time, cant leave talking to my mother and brother too.

Our Situation is like we live in an apartment (lease on my name), we dont have any property, we dont have any kids. The only thing i have is furniture (which i dont care about) and bank balance of around 20K. I earn six figure salary and she earns around 15K as she is a graduate student. So i wanted to know, would i need to give 50% of my salary every month to her?

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#419686 - 07/30/08 04:24 AM Re: Want to Divorce [Re: BWI]
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So i wanted to know, would i need to give 50% of my salary every month to her?

>>>>>>>>>> No !!!!!! Income is never split in the event of divorce , spousal support can be ordered if warranted but is unlikely with a short term marriage without kids .
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