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#424004 - 08/06/08 03:33 PM Paternity of a child born within a marriage
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I have raised 3 children of which the oldest is emancipated, and the second oldest will soon be (September). The youngest two have been poisoned by mothers bitterness and she fails to see the long lasting damage she is causing not allowing them to remain neutral. I have reason to believe my youngest is not my biological child and I need closer. Especially if I can't have a relationship with her. Support was established in NC, but the devorce will go here in MD. When I asked for a paternaty test the Judge denied the request, but understanding my reasons for concern :confused:he did note my request so that I could persue this further in MD. Because I only have one opportunity to have this done, what is the process for requesting this in MD?

#424005 - 09/09/08 03:58 AM Re: Paternity of a child born within a marriage [Re: slowpokezx14]
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Talk to an attorney, because I am not one, but in some cases, once you support a child, you become legally required to support the child. This might be why the judge wouldn't allow it. Don't believe me, you *absolutely need* to get an attorney. You will get raped without lube unless you do.

Search for it on google and read up.

search for "paternity law dna test child support" (without quotes) I do think your job might be easier in some cases if you aren't the father on the birth certificate, but it really depends on where you live and the circumstances. I live in MD and don't know.



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