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#430193 - 08/25/08 04:52 PM pension/post dicorce
badnova72 Offline
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Once our divorce is final is my ex-wife entitled to any new pension i start after the divorce?

#430194 - 08/26/08 03:20 AM Re: pension/post dicorce [Re: badnova72]
Maury Offline
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No. Only assets accrued during the marriage are considered marital assets and divisible. If you start contributing to a new retirement plan after the divorce is final, it is not divisible.

#430195 - 10/31/08 10:09 PM Re: pension/post dicorce [Re: Maury]
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And, here we thought that you finally matured...

For those that don't know, we never attacked Maury Pooh, pooh until she attacked us.

In fact, we have proof of a letter written to Carolyn Rogers wondering why we did not attack her...

For those that don't know, Maury Pooh, pooh, is a self-admitted homosexual activist and quote-unquote "I am proud of my accomplishments" in regards to promoting homosexuality.

On top of that, we have proved the self-professed homosexual activist wrong more than any other poster except, almosthell.

Maury Pooh does not like it that we reported her to her own bar...

This is one of the biggest loser, ambulance chasers that there is.

Does anyone else see other attorneys pimping herself off on these boards? Nope. You do not.

Does everyone really understand that Maury Pooh, pooh represents men and women? When she represents women, she screws the male. When she represents men, she screws the male.

I have not heard of airport get togethers, but, that would not be surprising at all...

We have several lists of how we have proved the nincompoop wrong from a legal perspective, but she continues to try to show her "legal expertise," as we continue to show her poppycock lies off to the public.


A homosexual activists portraying herself as an attorney that chases cases while at the same time giving "advice" that we continuously and correctly show is wrong.

Is there anything in this "picture" that others can come up with to show that we are the imbeciles and not the poppycock rhetoric of a known homosexual activist, and therefore, a true man's worth that want to only parent their own children that does not understand the ramifications of her lies?

Yeah, I did not think so...


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