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#434739 - 09/06/08 09:23 AM new to divorce...HELP!
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I'm going crazy! Been married for 8 years to an abusive husband have 3 kids together and I have filed for an uncontested divorce because he said he'd do it. He's all of a sudden changed his mind and now I'm pregnant and my attorney is asking for more money when we really haven't moved on any paper work or anything. I have asked to put a hold on my divorce? How long would they allow me to keep it on hold and if I were to ever change my mind about my divorce would I be able to get a refund? I only paid a retainer fee and turned in the papers I received at the lawyers office. Which were documents stating our income and info like that. I called the other day to let the office knwo I wanted to prolong it and they charged me $30 for being informative....I'm like what the heck! Anybody please help me!

#434740 - 10/03/08 06:53 PM Re: new to divorce...HELP! [Re: 808heina]
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I'm not really sure as I think the refund policy is up to the specific atty's office. However, you might want to try calling your atty's office and ask them about their refund policy. If you decide at a later date to obtain a divorce, try a different method if possible in your state. Divorce without dealing with a lawyer. Could be really beneficial financially.
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#434741 - 10/14/08 06:08 PM Re: new to divorce...HELP! [Re: Spicymomma72]
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Yes I agree with Spicymomma72. I'm contemplating divorce and have been looking around at different sites to see what the big difference was. Lawyer? No Lawyer? What I've gathered is that the cost is the biggest part of it but then comes the convenience and the fact that you don't even need to be in the same state as your spouse. I just happened to see your link Spicymomma and will make that site my next to visit. Helps that you've used them too successfully so it's a definite possibility. Thanks

#434742 - 10/22/08 03:11 PM Re: new to divorce...HELP! [Re: Borunner20]
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808heina this is awesome info. My sister told me a couple years back about doing a divorce yourself. I brushed it off because I didn't think it was actually possible and if possible it couldn't be legal, lol. Boy was I wrong. I called the company you referred too Spicymomma, spoke to a rep in depth and started my divorce. It's been a couple weeks and I am soo excited! I'm telling you, anyone needing a divorce, save time and money and do it yourself (with a little help), lol. GL



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