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#4349 - 11/15/04 08:09 PM father's divorce
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My father is a senior citizen, he remarried after my mom died, he has been married for 14 months. During this time he deeded his house to his new wife, so they are titled as husband and wife (this is all taking place in Florida.) His wife has moved out and they are going to be getting divorced. Prior to her leaving, she took cash from the house and emptied their safety deposit box with approx $141k worth of cash. She also went down and had three of their cars re-registered to her name only removing my father's from the title's. So now she has cash and autos along with all of the furniture (they purchased all of the furniture during the marriage anything my dad had from prior she had him sell at garage sales) from my dad's house equalling about $250k. She is still on the deed to the house which is worth about $450k. My dad did have this house well before they were ever married. He has retained an attorney but doesn't want to file for divorce yet, I guess his wife is a bit "unstable" and he doesn't want to upset her anymore because she is liable to do more damage, she already filed a restraining order against him in order to have him removed from the house so that she could clean it out (my father can barely walk!!), the order has since been dropped, but she is liable to do anything at this point. Can anyone advise me what ramifications my father would have against her for taking this money and transferring title's to the auto's?? He doesn't think that he can do anything and has the mindset that he will lose everything.....please help!

#4350 - 11/15/04 09:43 PM Re: father's divorce [Re: tricia]
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how old is your dad and how is his mental health?

#4351 - 11/16/04 01:05 PM Re: father's divorce [Re: joan]
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My father is 64 and in great mental health. He is just a very religious man and thinks that if he leaves this in "Gods" hands, it will work itself out, she claims that she will sign her interest in the house over IF he files for divorce first.........


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