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#436960 - 09/13/08 11:58 AM A few Georgia Child Support questions....
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I have court coming up on October 1st, and I am completely clueless as to what I should be expecting and what would be happening.

My daughter was born in December 2006. Her father was living in Florida at the time, and returned back to Florida after she was born before the Vital records person brought the Birth Certificate paperwork. I got a copy of the Paternity Acknowledgement form and sent it to him to get him added to the birth certificate. Needless to say, he played around and didn't send the form back to me til June 2007. I wasn't sure if I could file for CS while he wasn't on the birth certificate since we weren't married at the time. After all this time, I ended up losing my job because I wasn't able to support the day care cost on my salary alone.

He went into the military in August stating he would request an alottment for whatever the military amount was for a dependant. After he got out of boot camp, he told me I would need a court order for him to start paying child support. I got the paperwork together and filed on 11/15/2007. He completely disappeared when I told him I needed more information to finish the filing process. After several months of not being able to locate him, I went to the Army. The staff judge advocate was able to locate him and sent a couple letters to his commanding officer asking for child support in the amount of the BAC-WITH nonlocality amount back to when our daughter was born along with health insurance and a military id. I got the health insurance for her after 3-4 letters to his CO, and after 5-6 trips to the personnel office got her a military ID. The OCSS finally served him, and we have a court date on 10/01/08.

My questions are these:
When will the child support start once a ruling is made? He hasn't paid anything since she was born and she is almost 2. I filed the order on 11/15/2007, but since he vanished they just now were able to serve him.

What sort of documentation should I be bringing with me to the court?

I got a letter from the caseworker saying I was encouraged to go and testify.. what am I testifying about?

What sorts of things would I be expecting from this court session and what will they be expecting from me?

I really appreciate any input I can get from this!

#436961 - 09/17/08 09:26 PM Re: A few Georgia Child Support questions.... [Re: Somnambulist]
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you'll get more responses if you post in the main divorce source forums
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