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#447941 - 10/13/08 05:08 PM work and visitation collide
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i have a order out of lee county al the order gives non custodial parent visitation every monday noon to 6pm and every other weekend friday at 6pm to sunday 6pm non custodail parent refuses to drop child off with my child care provider which use to supervise her visits when i was not availble to do so Is ther anything that i can do legally about this law enforcement will not nor will crimanl courts i go back to court nov 13 2008

#447942 - 10/14/08 07:15 PM Re: work and visitation collide [Re: ddaugherty]
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If you are going back to court about this...dont worry, just have your attorney fix the situation.

The child is supposed to be back in your care, and at that time your care is given to a babysitter. There should not be an issue here. The noncustodial is not going by the order and is violating it.

#447943 - 10/16/08 07:11 AM Re: work and visitation collide [Re: Catwoman3]
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that is what i figured we have file three contepmt charges here i also filed a warrant which was thrown out it is just a nightmare and the lost hours due to it isnt good either


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