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#450902 - 10/20/08 02:27 PM child support question
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Child support in our divorce proceedings will be calculated according to the law, but my husband occasionally receives large bonuses. They have gotten more rare, with the economy, but when things improve he will get them again. I know the law says that child support includes bonuses, so how is that taken into account when it is not a regular income? Rely on the NCP to disclose and pay?

#450903 - 05/04/09 02:25 AM Re: child support question *DELETED* [Re: new_at_this]
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#450904 - 05/28/13 11:28 PM Re: child support question [Re: momolau]
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No. If I understand what you are saying. I don't know what the NPC is if you could elaborate just a tad more it might help me. I can only tell you what I would do if it were me. His fragmented income or bonus is and can be calculated into child support. Do you know or have a way of knowing when and how much he gets on a bonus? Regardless you can petition the court for a motion compelling him to release that information or have your attorney do it if he doesn't charge to much. Remember you can always act as pro se, you are your own lawyer,. There are plenty of resources for acting as pro se that are easily found on the net. Just make sure you are specific in your search as to Alabama because every state is different. Hope that helps.


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