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#464741 - 11/28/08 03:48 AM Tired...
mries Offline
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The more I learn about the system, the more injustice there is.
I am the victim of a cheating wife. We'd been doing mediation only to find that she wants more from me. Money that is. She's not even sorry for all she did.
Not only did she cheat, she was robbing me silently for 5 years. She's taken over $20,000 from our account in that time and misusing it.

Up until now I was sure to file for divorce. I have all the papers ready. She finally agreed to it in mediation.
We separated last month. And now I just feel sick and tired. I just want to forget it all. To hell with all of it. I don't feel like filing, or doing anything at all. I feel like disappearing. And good luck to her paying her own way in the years to come.

#464742 - 11/28/08 04:00 AM Re: Tired... [Re: mries]
MTFather Offline

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Children involved?

How long have you been married?

#464743 - 11/28/08 11:21 AM Re: Tired... [Re: MTFather]
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no children.

married less than 10 years

#464744 - 11/28/08 03:25 PM Re: Tired... [Re: mries]
GAPadre Offline

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I hear ya when you state that it is so tiring and depressing, but you need to file ASAP with what you have agreed to in mediation before it gets even worse.

You did not state that you have to pay spousal support or not. If not, get this finalized before she does or wants even more money.

If you walk away and disappear, think this out well because if you don't pay spousal support, eventually they will find you if you haven't thought this out right.

You might want to look at if you are truly serious about this.

As you have found, we do not have equality let alone equal laws in the so called "justice system." We are looking for those to help us change the laws to prevent the gender bias that is so rampant thoughout the world.

I wish you all the luck in the world and to make sure that lesson in life will convince you to never, ever, marry again. It only benefits the woman and licenses her to steal from you as you have seen.

#464745 - 12/16/08 06:47 PM Re: Tired... [Re: GAPadre]
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Journyman not all woman are like the piece of dirt he married!

#464746 - 12/16/08 07:35 PM Re: Tired... [Re: Dannee]
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Too many are to even consider marrying or living with one...

#464747 - 05/19/16 01:18 PM Re: Tired... [Re: AZFather]
Elstupido Offline

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Yes, all women are like that!


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